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Professional Air conditioning repair services in Missouri City, TX.

Do not let common air conditioning problems get you all worried and stressed. Call GP Mechanical now, and let’s face and fix these challenges. We provide professional Missouri city AC repair services for homes and offices in the city and its environs.

The following are common causes of AC problems. Our certified technicians can fix these problems quickly and confidently.

Low Refrigerants

Refrigerants help your air conditioner remove heat from the air. If there is any tiny leakage in your air conditioner’s refrigerant lines, cooling will become difficult for your system. While other technicians might only suggest replacing the refrigerant, GP Mechanical will look deeper and take the time to fix the leakages.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

If you are getting warm air coming from your AC registers, it is also possible that the Evaporator coils are frozen. These coils are filled with refrigerants but need warm air around them to function correctly. So, if something happens with the airflow and the coils become ice cold, your AC will need the professionalism of our technicians to function correctly again.

Fan Problems

Fan problems can be caused by a lack of lubricant, a faulty motor, a worn belt, or dirt. If neglected, this is a major problem that can damage the compressor and kill your air conditioner. Call GP Mechanical immediately if you suspect your AC has a fan problem.

Leaking Ducts

The air conditioner’s duct usually passes through the walls and ceiling. Rodents or careless workers can cause holes in the ducts. Cool air winds up in the walls of your building, making the air conditioner work harder, and your electricity costs climb higher. Residentss trust our Missouri City AC repair services because we handle even the most challenging AC troubles with ease. We are waiting for your call!

Clogged Drains

Do you see mold growth on your wall? It may be because moisture drawn from the air in your space into a pan in the AC can’t go down the drain. One major cause is that the drain is clogged. The pan is full and sends water into the walls of the building, which could cause grave damage to your air conditioning system. You should call GP Mechanical Missouri air conditioning repair to unclog your AC drains. We are up for the task.

Our clients trust our expertise, and we always strive to do our best to maintain this level of trust. We are fast and reliable, and our technicians are certified and qualified, so your system’s safety is secured.

Beyond AC Repair: Comprehensive HVAC Services in Missouri City

G & P Mechanical is your trusted partner for all your HVAC needs in Missouri City. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing top-notch AC maintenance, repair, and installation services tailored to your requirements.

With our comprehensive AC maintenance services, we ensure your system operates efficiently year-round, saving you money on energy bills and preventing costly breakdowns. As a leading AC repair company, we swiftly diagnose and resolve any issues to restore comfort to your home or business.

Are you looking to upgrade your HVAC system? Our expert technicians specialize in AC installation services, guiding you through the selection process and installing your new unit with precision and care.

In addition to our AC installation services, we offer furnace repair services, AC unit replacement, and vent cleaning to keep your indoor air quality pristine. Trust G & P Mechanical for reliable HVAC services in Missouri City.

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As highlighted above, we take your call and business seriously and understand that you need quick answers.

When you call G & P, you will receive a quick response, professional customer service, and fluid communication throughout the process to plan your free quote or maintenance service.


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We have experienced our customers’ loyalty over the years, and we know that you are looking for a trusted company that offers excellent service for your money.

We offer competitive prices and have partnered with the more prominent air conditioning manufacturers to provide you with the best service at a satisfactory price.

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