Ways to prepare your home for this summer heat!


August 15, 2020
Ways to Prepare your Home for this Summer Heat. Stafford summer is Hot. Learn some ways to avoid that heat, on this awesome article.
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Ways to prepare your home for this summer heat!

With summer here it’s time to get your HVAC system ready for summer, and find the right ways to prepare your home for this summer.

Taking a few quick, easy, and simple measures can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system,

that will affect on lower operating costs, and enhance your comfort at home, always !

We prepare this short article to guide you in how you can prepare your home for this summer heat.

Then you can relax on your coach and watch your favarite netflix serie. 

Changing Your AC Filter

Changing your AC filter is quick, and is an essential start task to prepare your home for this summer heat.

You can learn over the internet how to perform this task with no problems,

actually we add a short video on this post for further reference. 

Changing your AC filter It’s easy, and most homeowners can perform it on their own.

To do so, you need locate the air gate, remove the cover, and switch out the used filter with a new one.

A good tip is use a tarp or plastic piece to avoid that the debris make mess in your floor,

and this make you save time on your final cleaning task.  

Remember to make sure the filters are the exact same size and replace the cover. 

Another good  tip is take a picture of it, and save this one on the cloud, you will need it further.

Changing your AC filter prolongs engine life because the air filter is designed to trap dirt and debris that can damage internal engine parts.

Have the airduct Cleaned

All summer long , your air will be carried by your HVAC system’s airduct, so it’s smart to make sure your ducts are free from dust and other allergens.

Professional duct cleaning services are designed to remove a host of contaminants and are generally a great value for the money spent.

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Ways to prepare your home for this summer


Arrange a HVAC System Check-up

We are here to check put your HVAC system a complete inspection, so you can be sure you’re ready for this summer heat.

We will check the coolant levels and examine the compressor, fans and other working parts to ensure that the system is in good shape to perform as needed all season long.

If you need prepare your home for this summer getting your HVAC system ready for it,

contact us TODAY to request an appointment with a Professional, friendly and certified technician.

Our team is waiting for your call and ready to schedule a summer maintenance service right at  your place

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